The Sovereign Tantric

Who Is Tantra For?

For Everyone

Any person who wants to elevate their experience of their body, sex and their connection to all creation. 

For Women

For her Tantra practices help unburden her heart, cultivate her orgasmic peak capacity; harmonize and balance her connection with her body, others and the divine

For Men

For him cultivating his nervous system utilizing solo Tantric practices enhances his libido, amplifies and redirects his orgasmic energy profoundly, and connects him to his true power

For Couples

For her she becomes the catalyst for the most amazing sexual unions imaginable! For him, he harnesses his power to bring extreme pleasure. For them Tantra is the opportunity to merge deeply with one's partner and the infinite!

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The Program

About The Program

Turning sexual energy into a strength! Sexually Magnetic... Mentally Clear... Powerful!

"My experience with Akal’s program has been an enriching one. From his one on one sessions, email replies, and guided video-exercises has helped me, and continues to help me cultivate a more confident and more attuned awareness of my own body... I find this program is foundational and something I want to continue to steadily cultivate for myself moving forward!" - Daryl C.

"The experience of working with Akal has been transformative, I had so many questions and conflicts regarding my relationship with my sexual energy and about my ways of perceiving and interpreting the world. Now, I have never felt so in tune, 'Acceptance' you might call it." - Rafael L.

About Akal

Akal is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a practioner of Tantra for over 20 years, and he holds a Masters degree in Applied Exercise Physiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago

Sovereign Tantric, Sexual Energy Cultivation Program

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